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Cross Compile Toolchain

七月 13, 2010

Cross Compile toolchain includes

Programming Tools:

GCC, Binutil

Debugging support and simulator

GNU Debuger, GDB Simulator

Target Libraries

C Library (GNU libc, uClibc), Kernel Header (different kernel version)

// Cross Compile Toolchain from Code Sourcery

arm-none-eabi- (ARM architecture, for non specific arm processor, eabi)

arm-none-linux-gnueabi- (ARM Architecture, for non specific arm processor ARMv4, with linux kernel header, gnu libc)

arm-uclinuxeabi- (ARM Architecture, uClibc, with linux kernel header)

// Android Cross Compile toolchain

Android comes with their own cross compile tool chain, and it was built without c library or kernel header. (which they use bionic C and they have their kernel header in their repository)